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Buy Flake Cocaine Online’, but besides the fact that I really know a shitload about Cocaine. I however don’t know what could be an accurate definition of what these Flakes are. What exactly are Flakes and what makes them different from normal hydrochlorid Cocaine?


Cocaine originates from coca leaves and has been use for centuries in a variety of cultural applications. The pure drug is extract from the Erythroxylon coca bush. Found primarily in the South American countries of Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia. Coca-leaf infusions or teas have been use to combat altitude sickness and boost energy in many native tribes of South America.

The early use was not just limit to South American countries. In the U.S., it was found as an active ingredient in many elixirs and tonics used in the early 1900s and was even found as in Coca-Cola products at that time.

Effects Short Term;

The effects of cocaine appear almost immediately after consumption;

Sometimes these effects last only a few minutes, other times they may last an hour. The substance provokes feelings of euphoria and vitality. The user feels mentally alert and feels it in his or her sensory perceptions, especially vision, hearing, and touch.

Using cocaine habitually diminishes the need to eat and sleep;

Some people use cocaine so they can finish work faster. On the other hand, some people feel that it slows them down.

Long Term;

The main long-term effect of cocaine use is severe addiction;

Since the potential for addiction is so high, it’s impossible for a person to predict to what extent they will need the drug after the first time he or she uses it.

The brain adapts to the consumption of cocaine. This means that the person feels less and less satisfied over time. For this reason, the addict must constantly increase the dose in order to achieve the same euphoric sensation.




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