Amoban 7.5mg

Classification: Prescription medicine
General name: Zopiclone tablet
◆ Identification code ◆
Package: KN114 7.5 mg
Body: KN 114
shape: Tablet
Standard unit: 7.5 mg 1 tablet
type: Therapeutic agent for insomnia

◆ Main action ◆
They work on the brain and show sedative and hypnotic effects.
It also has the function of suppressing cramps .

Sleep not only sleeps, it has the effect of extending the total sleep time.
Therefore, the main indication is addictive insomnia.
Also, if the amount is too high, it will cause respiratory depression and if you stop taking it at your own discretion, side effects may become more pronounced, so keep the indicated dose. Please do not use it in large numbers. Avoid taking dangerous work or driving a car while taking this medicine, as you may feel sleepy even after getting up. Also, avoid drinking with alcohol as it may cause too much action .


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